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"If you believe in yourself that you can achieve, then you have achieved it already, that's half battle won!"

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What others think of me?

Sunita Singh
Principal R&D Project Manager - SAS R&D India

"I worked with Amit in one of the large, complex and demanding projects. I saw how quickly he gained the product knowledge, and how committed he was to his work. He was a quick learner and nothing was too difficult for him to take on, be it functional testing or automation. He was dependable, if he took a task in hand, rest assured it would get done and done well. He is always an asset to his team. I will recommend him highly."

Ankit Mehrotra
Software Manager - SAS R&D India

Amit is diligent, sauve, and a problem solver. He efficiently learnt the existing application and contributed to their hotfixes as well as learnt the cloud-based new platform and lead from the front in the adoption and migration of the new platform. He took the initiatives for automating the test cases, which helped in reducing the regression time for the applications. Though very quiet, He very seamlessly integrated into the existing team and always was available for helping out the team members, which was appreciated by one and all in the team. It was a great experience working with Amit.""

Gorang Khandelwal
Software Manager - SAS R&D India

"Amit is a self-motivated individual and a perfectionist. He has a good sense of what is required and has proven to be very adept at balancing competing and dynamic needs. It was a delight working with him since he has joined a year back to date as Senior Software Engineer - Testing. After assigning functional or GUI/API automation tasks, you don't need follow-up, he is perfect and complete work well ahead of the given deadline. Amit is very enthusiastic who builds a good relationship with team members. I found him bringing new ideas to discussions and solving problems, hence worth recommending."

Mahesh Purandare
Data science, Decision science, Data warehousing and BI professional - SAS R&D India

"Amit is a fantastic testing professional with command over cloud technologies, deployment, and DevOps domains. His detail-oriented and thorough approach, as well as a very helpful nature, make him a fantastic colleague to work with and a very reliable teammate. His experience in the retail domain and mastery over automation, web technologies, and testing fundamentals will be an asset to any team he works with. His ability to quickly access a situation and plan a course of action has helped his team achieve impossible targets. Wish him the best!"

Santosh Revatgaon
Application development Senior Analyst - Accenture

"I have worked with Amit for almost one and half years. In those years, I have seen him not only excel at doing manual testing but also doing automation testing. Amit's mastery for finding bugs helped team to provide quality product to the client. Because of his nature, everybody loves to work with him."

Kiran Seersath
Technical Lead - Cognizant

"Amit is a knowledgeable, dedicated and most of all helpful team member and an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only were his skills invaluable to the team his approachability and pleasant demeanor were a boost to team morale."

Amit Kumar Das

Engineering @ Jio Fynd (Jio eCommerce)


Let me introduce myself to you!

Firstly! Warm welcome to my place!

I am an Engineering postgraduate, currently in Software Industry. My primary focus is bringing the best quality version of Software through means of Functional, Performance, and Automation Tests with a DevOps and Agile Mindset. I love my job to the core, finding bugs is one of my passion apart from coding. I try to keep myself updated with technology by keeping myself involved in tech communities, ed tech channels, etc. I am obsessed with learning the latest technologies. In my past time, I like to solve hackerank, work on my projects, gaming, guitaring,...

Currently, I am building a performance engine for JioMart

I specialize in Creating Test Bots, Containerization, Orchestration, Framework development, Test Architecting, Service virtualization, Cloud computing, etc.

All over, I am an experienced Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) professional with a demonstrated history of Testing Web and Android applications.

"If I have to do a task more than twice I automate and If I have to explain a task more than twice I document"

Some Highlights!

  • + Experience in DevOps CI+CD and Agile Culture.
  • + Strong Experience in Java and Test Automation using Selenium WebDriver and REST API automation.
  • + Strong knowledge in containerization with Docker and orchestration using Kubernetes.
  • + Strong Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing life cycle (STLC), Agile Life Cycle with Jira, Testing Terminologies, Verification, Validation, Levels of Testing, Testing Techniques, and Bug life cycle.
  • + Strong knowledge in building Test automation frameworks for functional as well as non-functional testing.
  • + Experience in creating APIs with spring-boot to handle end-to-end automation scenarios.
  • + Strong knowledge of Microservices, Containerization, and Cloud computing.

My Tech Stack!

Java | Selenium | Rest API Automation | Postman | Kubernetes | Docker | Maven | Testng | Log4j | Rest assured io | Cucumber | Karate | Oracle | MySQL | PostgreSQL | Unix | Shell scripting | Gatling | Git | HTML | CSS | Javascript | Jenkins | Jira | Azure Devops | Springboot | Specmatic (Mock Api) | Python | Apache Airflow | Influx | Grafana

My Journey!


Jan 2022 - Present

  • + Building engines for Jio Ecommerce world (JioMart, JioMart Partners, JioMart Digital, TIRA, etc)
  • + Core member of the Platform team that is responsible for building infrastructure and platform that can serve software testing as a service (STAAS)
  • + Building performance engines across platforms

Technology Consultant

Jun 2021 - Jan 2022

  • + Worked as an Azure Cloud Consultant in the Azure Cloud and Artificial intelligence team.
  • + Part of NBA project; to create direct-to-consumer platform that will deliver new fan engagement experiences and enhanced streaming capabilities powered by Microsoft Azure and its AI capabilities.
  • + Built platforms that can solve software testing for web applications with the help of Azure PAASs.
  • + Responsible for ensuring the quality of the application by ensuring automation and framework enhancements for the programmatic running of Azure PAAS integrations (Cosmos, eventhubs, eventgrid, service bus, ADX, Function app, Azure web app)
  • + Responsible for testcase management, design and pipeline orchestration in Azure Pipelines
  • + Ensuring framework enhancements to support a BDD culture by using Specflow

Deputy Manager

Feb 2021 - Jun 2021

  • + Part of Initial Quality Assurance Team of JioMart ecommerce application.
  • + Responsible for developing Bots(wrapper apis) with Spring boot and http client that automated apis involving end to end B2C orders to serve the model of Software Testing as a Service (STAAS). Integrated the framework with mysql for storing test data, influx for storing custom metrics and Grafana to visualise the metrics of incoming orders.
  • + Responsible for building Automation framework with Gatling and Maven to simulate load on high traffic endpoints to simulate Load Testing. Dockerised the project to seamlessly deploy and test across all servers.
  • + Created and setup service virtualization (Mock apis) with specmatic tool to mock external api responses.
  • + Responsible for containerizing all the test automation projects with Docker to deploy them seamlessly across any environment.

Senior Software Engineer

May 2019 - Feb 2021

  • + Responsible for testing stories involving Statistical Calculations, Data seeding, Grid and Visual Analytics interface from functional perspective. Also, data validations through database testing and Backend validation for API requests and responses.
  • + Scrutinizing logs for every microservice and pods related to process triggered in a container orchestrated system.
  • + Ensuring maintenance and rpm updates of microservices for steady build to maintain CICD approach through Jenkins or Linux terminal.
  • + Responsible for Creating, Administering Kubernetes cluster and troubleshooting for pods, deployments, services, persistent volumes, rolling updates, nodes, etc.
  • + Responsible for writing automation codes for API (groovy) as well as UI (selenium) for the features and stories in sprint to ensure CI-CD devops model approach.
  • + Maintaining clean BVT and sanity API automation reports by regularly updating code against test case failures to ensure agile approach.
  • + Single handedly responsible for classic product version release ensuring customer reported defect fixes and thorough regression testing in order to assure quality.
  • + Managing UI automation team by Project planning through JIRA, creating stories and test cases related to sanity. Also involved in code validation from functional point of view.
  • + Involved in regular interactions with product management and stakeholders.
  • + Responsible for performance testing and preparing comparison insight reports.
  • + Involved in preparing Test case Documentation and reports.

Systems Engineer

Jan 2017 - May 2019

  • + Reviewed Business Requirements and accordingly Prepared Test Plans and Scripts.
  • + Identified and reported defects through Smoke Testing, Continuous Regression testing and Performance testing.
  • + Developed Data Driven Automation framework using Page Object Design pattern.
  • + Identified Automation Scenarios from the set of Test cases and developed Web automation scripts using Selenium WebDriver and TestNG.
  • + Developed a robust framework by integrating TestNG with Maven and implemented Listeners interface, Page Object pattern, Log4j and Excel Data Driven testing.

Amit Kumar Das

Technology Consultant @ Microsoft

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My Place: Kolkata, West Bengal

What happens in a Microsoft Technology Consulting Interview if you are a SDET?

To start with, the first challenge is getting your resume shortlisted and your first call from the recruiter ...

Why you should take work life balance on as serious note?

My Biggest Downfall in Life...

What goes behind in this site, wanna have a look?

This is a static site built on HTML and css, feel free to view the repo below:

It doesn't matter if we are SDE, SDET, SRE, PM, Tech Support or the end, if the product is successful in the market, we can proudly own it and say "I was part of the team and we made it happen."

It all comes down to good coordination. As each and everyone of us is doing our best to digitally revolutionalize the century. So, whatever you are, be proud of your role.

It's not about taking the right decision or right path, it's about turning the decision or path into right.

P.S - Not always though, a lot of wise thinking needs to be done before deciding but once decided there's no looking back, you turn the decision in your favor and narrate your story.

Keep Growing

Some day when you look back you will realise that it was all worth it. Your Hardwork counts!

Being from a core engineering background, when I started my career as a software engineer, I did not have a choice and I was put into testing stream training.

Like everyone, a lot of things came into mind then:

1. Is there a future in Testing?

2. Will I be able to grow?

3. Am I gonna get paid less than the developers?

4. Will I be able to code?

5. Will I only be clicking and verifying UI all my life?

Today, when I look back I feel happy and blessed that these points did not count and I was able to prove myself wrong.

It doesn't matter what role you are in, if you choose to grow, there is no limit. Don't let a role or designation stop you from upskilling. We can continue to learn and grow in different fields irrespective of our day job. And when the time is right, we make the move.

You are always more capable than you expect yourself to be. Let's challenge and take a pledge to never stop growing!

Once in a interview, the interviewer humiliated me in the best way. I still remember he said "How have you come this far, you know nothing". Next day I cleared all the rounds of Paytm.

So it reaffirms that if you have faith in yourself, nothing can stop you.

P.S: Sometimes, I think all the companies should have their employees go through a separate learning process of how to take interviews, because in the course of searching for the right candidate or sometimes favorism they forget to respect the candidates.

I was seeing a movie called Intern, where a startup hired senior citizen as intern and it turned out unexpectedly in favor of them. I wish if this was real, I would love to see my father coding simultaneously with me.

Don't you think its a good idea?

Normally in Technical Interviews or Coding rounds, I used to talk less and silently code the problem statement and deal with challenges within me. But in the course of giving interviews, I have learnt that we need to be vocal about our thought process, because the interviewer doesn't know whats going in our mind. We need to walk them through every possiblities and difficulties that we are going through in the course of solving the problem statement. In this way I think we can have a better chance of getting selected.

If you know solution to the problem, there is no point in worrying and if you do not know the solution then worrying will only kill time, instead do something about it

So stop worrying and start acting.

Dreams aren't the ones that come in your sleep instead they are the ones that do not let you sleep

There was a batch of swimmers who were preparing for Olympic Selection Trials.

They used to swim everyday and train hard in a pool. There was a notice that said 'pool closes at 7pm', so everybody used to wrap up by 7pm except for one girl who used to sneak and stay back and used to swim for an extra hour. Guess what, that girl made it to Olympics.

Moral of the Story: If you want to stand out, then think out of the box and give that #extra effort

Seeing continuos success posts everyday on linkedin I started getting demotivated because of my repeated failures and rejection in Interviews. So I stepped forward today to share what happened before I got offers from #paytm , #ola, #jio and #microsoft.

These are the number of times I faced rejection within a span of 5 months:

+ Frontdoor - Rejected in technical round

+ Morgan Stanley - Rejected twice, once in technical 1 round, the other time in technical 2 round

+JP Morgan - Rejected in Telephonic screening

+ Ridecell - Rejected in code pairing of the given project, 4th round

+Testvagrant - Rejected after submitting the project

+ Cyware Labs - Rejected by hiring manager. No reason.

+ ZS Associates - Rejected in Technical 1 round

+ Eaton - Rejected in Technical 1 round

+ Arcesium - Rejected in Technical 2 round

+ Adobe - Rejected in Second round

+ Qualys - Rejected in Second round

+ Groupon - Rejected in live coding

+ Mastercard - Rejected in Technical 1 round

+ Dunzo - Rejected in Technical 1 round

+ Amazon - Rejected in Online Assessment

+ Anz bank - Rejected in Online Assessment

+ Grab - Rejected in Online Assessment

One thing that remained constant throughout was determination.

So this is to everyone out there who are in the journey of giving Interviews, just hang in there a little bit, because you are closer to the goal than you think.

There might be times when you think you have finally achieved your goal, yet you failed. For eg. You attempted all the rounds of an Interview & got rejected at Hiring manager round/HR round.

This doesn't mean a failure, this is actually a good example of a bad day. When you are in the journey of giving Interviews, you are going to face a concept which I say good days and bad days. Good days are typically when in an interview you are asked the basic or easiest questions and there, you get selected! But do not get surprised or feel strange because your bad day was compensated here.

So remember to leverage the advantage of good days. On a bad day, when you have given your best and even then you have been rejected, you should then apply to minimum 10 jobs that particular night. Trust me, one of the next in line will probably be your next company!

None of you hardwork is getting wasted. Every sweat counts.

Getting to know this better and better with each transition...

"The real struggle starts after you have joined an organisation"

From my learnings:

1. Unlearn the work culture of your previous organization.

2. Do not compare.

3. Staying motivated is the key

4. Adapt yourself to the current organization, try to dwell in, stay patient.

5. Be content and try not to lose your focus.

6. First few weeks are going to be hard, be prepared to stretch yourself.

7. Lastly, prevail your skills.

One of the lessons I learned in college -

With no prior knowledge about the new lucrative dual degree program, I joined B.Tech+M.Tech with an investment of 5 years of dedicated time. However, in the 7th semester, we were given a choice to opt-out from the dual degree program and switch to B.Tech 4 year program. I wanted to grab this chance but couldn't because of 4 backlogs on my plate. Most of the companies didn't allow students with backlogs to appear for assessments. Guess what, except for 10 students the whole batch switched to the B.Tech 4 year program, eligible for placements that year, and most of them were placed in good companies. I couldn't. The only thing I did was congratulate everyone for their placements. And finally, after 1 year i.e. at the end of my 5th year, I was able to get an offer from one of the mass recruiters.

I never took engineering seriously, I would fail in most of the exams. My negligence to semester exams cost me a whole year. My batchmates have 2 more years of experience than me.

I understood the importance of learning & growing in my professional years. I decided not to look back and gave my best to get skilled. Better late than never but I paid for my negligence.

Failures are helpful but negligence is ought to be paid. Please do not take your college days for granted. Invest your time wisely!

What is the hardest part of Job hunting?

-> Preparations - No

-> Interviews - Maybe

-> Getting shortlisted - Yes! Definitely Yes.

How to get shortlisted?

1. Use resume keyword scanners: Yes, this is your first step, pick your latest resume, run a scan against your desired job description. Figure out the mismatch in skills and update accordingly.

2. Referrals: Yes, it is one of the approaches but you should refrain from requesting referrals like "Please refer me to your company." Instead, I suggest taking your time, identify the job requirements and job IDs you find yourself fit for, prepare a cover letter as to why you think you are a suitable match, help out the referrer with the job id, strike a conversation with the referrer where you pitch yourself the best way possible, Gain trust.

Why am I saying this? You have worked hard in your preparations, you just have to put that last mile of effort.

3. Approaching Recruiters/Hiring Managers: This is one of the best ways. But the question is do you stand out from the crowd? Identify the job requirements and their IDs you find yourself a fit for, start showing your proof of concepts/personal projects. Prepare a cover letter stating how you are the best fit, be presentable, engage in a good conversation, and build trust.

Do It Today!

+ Note down the skills you have now and update your resume accordingly.

+ Set a reminder on your calendar 3 months from today and label it as 'Skill Evaluation'.

+ After 3 months, evaluate your learning & skills you acquired within this period and then, update your resume again.

+ Compare both the resumes.

You will be amazed to find out how much you have grown in 3 months like working/exploring new technology, new domain, new Project, etc.

Do this activity on a recurring basis!

Develop a habit of updating your resume every once in a while to evaluate your progress. Resumes may not only be utilized for applying for jobs, you can use them for self-assessment too.

How do you think you should start job hunting?

+ Search for Jobs you want to apply for, and carefully go through the job descriptions. Identify the skills and technologies that are required, you will find that most of the things are similar across other job positions too. Understanding and upskilling to trending industry requirements is the most important aspect of job hunting.

+ Reserve time for the next 1-2 months, to go through all the techs and skills that you are missing. Once you have gained ample amount of knowledge, try to implement these as a part of POCs to your current project or maybe create personal projects so that you can showcase them to hiring managers.

+ Revise your already known skills thoroughly! Get your fundamentals right! In interviews, you might not want to say that 'I don't have that idea because other teams were handling that part', you might invest time in knowing every aspect of engineering the software goes through.

+ Voila, Go for Job Applications!

Note: This doesn't mean, you shouldn't go for interviews in the course of preparing because you never know when the time is right. Having this mentality to be interview ready always is the best thing, it's because opportunities may come by chance you don't wanna lose them. Always take the risk, there are two sides to risk either positive or negative, but the best part is you are gaining experience and that’s gonna remain constant throughout your journey.

Is (Testing == (Java || Selenium || UFT)) ?

That's what I believed in my initial days...

So what testing means to me now?

+ Testing the application with human intelligence

+ Finding as many bugs as possible so that customers can trust the software

+ To play like an end-user

+ Preparing automated bots that can do the task regressively, simultaneously, and can run endlessly in a loop.

+ Ensuring the software can run on all the supported platforms

+ Ensuring the software can run seamlessly handling any type of load

+ To take appropriate measures so that the software can be deployed effortlessly and seamlessly

+ Lastly, taking Ownership!

In the end, we should do our best so that we ensure only and only the best version of the software is released to the customer.

Brand name doesn't define work culture, growth opportunities, trending tech stacks, etc.

Do your homework thoroughly before joining an organization! You have worked hard in your interview preparations! You might not want to get trapped in an organization for the sake of a lucrative CTC or brand name and not getting what you want in your day-to-day life.

In the end, if you like your job => You are going to perform well =>You are going to bag great packages => Brand name won't matter => You lead the perfect life!


=> Interview Preparations

=> Job Hunting


=> Satisfactory Offer Letter

=> Serving Notice Period

=> First week at the new organization.


=> Joining Formalities

=> Struggling with new techs

=> Juggling between Knowledge Transitions

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind in professional life is respecting every individual regardless of what's their job and what's their role!

Treat everyone with respect!

My Biggest Downfall in Life:

At the beginning of my career, I owned the notion of working really hard with minimal leaves will result in great work opportunities. Work-life balance just did not exist for me.

I only took 2 trips to my home in 2 years span juggling between sprint stories and meeting deadlines, barely knowing what misfortune is planned ahead.


Got an offer from SAS.

Maa was so happy and excited when I shared this news. She couldn't believe I got such an exclusive offer from a reputed organization. She was ecstatic and extremely proud of me, I couldn't help but immediately decided to bring her to my place as soon as I join the new organization.


Uncle: You need to come to Kolkata right now!!

Me: Why? What happened?

Uncle: I don't know how to say this - maa is no more.

Me: What? How? Where is she?

Uncle: It's cardiac arrest, we lost her.

That's it, a phone call changed my life. I was devastated, I was in shock for a week. I did not know what is happening and how to overcome this. I always used to talk to her all the time about everything. My whole world revolved around her, my joy, sorrow, everything I used to share with her. I could not feel anything emotionally.

After a while, it struck me, What about the switch? that is still pending to deal with. I was dwelling on whether I should switch because I wouldn't be able to perform due to the depression and hardship I was dealing whereas if I stay, I would have time to cope up with the tragic reality, people may understand even if I mess up. A gazillion amount of emotions and questions were clouding my mind yet no answers.

Another thought that dawned upon me was that I know I couldn't perform or do anything, my conscience cease to exist, everything was at pause for me now but the world is not going to stop for me or anyone, it just moves on despite whatever is happening around. Hence the phrase 'Business As Usual.

So I decided and made the switch and it turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life.

My journey within SAS transformed me into a different person, the kind of people I worked with, the mindset, it changed me as a whole. I grew technically, professionally, and in all aspects. All of this was the result of the right decision and the wonderful team I was working with.

I finally understood that we are going to face a lot of hardships in life, but we should not consider it as an excuse to step back instead we should take the risk, get it together, have self-belief, and step forward. Trust me, we are going to bounce back stronger than before.

Work-life balance is an important thing. Acknowledge your loved ones before your work. Do not take them for granted, invest your time with your family, create memories with them because your work is going to stay, and remember, you are always replaceable!

The time is never right, you can keep on waiting for the time to be right, but that day will never come. Instead, I suggest you do it right now because now is the time.

Let's grow together!

Just like "Googling" is a new skill, Navigating should be a skill too because most of us lack this skill, missing the shortest routes and always ending up taking the road below the flyover

I got the opportunity to interview with few of the #faangm organizations and multiple top-rated startups just through networking and one of them is my current employer today. Also, all this happened within the span of 8 months.

That's how powerful networking is!

I started it late but better late than never.

If you have not started it, this is your time!

One of the biggest challenges now is getting an interview, scheduled, networking eases that for you.

Start networking today:

1. Try to connect with people in your domain( Linkedin)

2. Interact with your connections

3. Involve in post engagements

4. Share and discuss your thought process

Your next big thing is going to happen sooner than you expect. Keep your spirits high!

One of the things that I learned in my professional journey, is never say 'NO' to a task you have not worked on before.

I suggest you take it, you study, you give it some time, you stretch, and you get it done.

What did you gain?

You now have experience of a skill that you never knew and were afraid to take it on. Now you can call yourself a true engineer because you engineered your way to get it done!!

I got my first job offer through on-campus placements and I was hired by a mass recruiter.

So when I started thinking about a switch, that was around 2 years in corporate life. I started preparing and giving interviews. Even with a good prep (at least I thought so), I was failing every Interview in the first round itself and I continued losing hope thinking "Will I ever be able to crack any interview?"

After a while, I started writing down all the questions that were asked during the interview and kept the question bank updated whenever I was asked any new questions.

Guess what, that note still works wonders for me!

I know you will find a lot of interview questions out there online and you can easily get the most asked ones, but still, I recommend after every interview, make a note of every question that was asked, additionally I also keep track of how I answered and how the experience was. Trust me this will help in the long run.

Why should you track?

Firstly, it will help you in your future interviews and then think about this, your life is a journey, and every individual will have different experiences in different situations. So how wonderful will it be when you look back and find how you were and how much you have grown now?

You are always a better version today than you were yesterday.

It's not about taking the right decision or right path, it's about turning the decision or path into right.

Not always though, a lot of wise thinking needs to be done before deciding but once decided there's no looking back, you turn the decision in your favor and narrate your story.

We all have a common skill - Problem Solving.

Every time you face a challenge in life, you work for it real hard and overcome it. Have you ever wondered? How much do you exercise your mind to solve the problem? How much time and effort did you put in dedicated to cross that mark? How many hits and trials do you make? How do you think about negative scenarios?

I believe we all are solving algorithms every second in our life. So can I say- for software engineers, Problem Solving is programmatically projecting those thoughts or algorithms in a code? Now, if you think you are not good at problem-solving. Think again, the only thing you are missing is a routine practice.

I suggest from today, don't let DSA scare you instead try solving 2-3 problems daily because DSA will make things easier for you. Start with the easiest ones, let your mind get trained and gradually you will be able to solve difficult ones easily. It's because you just need practice for what you already do every day!

You are closer to your goals than you expect. Keep your spirits high!

You are ought to be in tears when you have been working hard for quite a time and you achieve it finally.

This happened to me:

1. When I saw my mom in tears when I gifted her a pendant with my initial earnings.

2. When I cleared my college entrance examination.

3. When I saw myself in the Infosys Candidate Selection List in my placements.

4. When I cleared the final interview round of my dream company.


The scene portrayed in the final scene of the movie 'The Pursuit of Happyness' is real. We all can relate to it with at least one incident in our lives where we worked so hard to get the thing done. With the right amount of passion, determination, self-motivation, and smart work, anything you dream of can be turned into reality because with this combo you are ought to get lucky for real.

For me in one of the incidents, I started dreaming of getting into big techs when every alternate post on LinkedIn started with "Happy to share I joined #faang" and the struggle started with "Print prime numbers from 1-100" .....

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.

When you forgive life for not giving you what you want , you might just get what you need!

Being from a core engineering background, when I started my career as a software engineer, I did not have a choice and I was put into testing stream training.

Like everyone, a lot of things came into mind then:

1. Is there a future in Testing?

2. Will I be able to grow?

3. Am I gonna get paid less than the developers?

4. Will I be able to code?

5. Will I only be clicking and verifying UI all my life?

Today, when I look back I feel happy and blessed that these points did not count and I was able to prove myself wrong.

It doesn't matter what role you are in, if you choose to grow, there is no limit. Don't let a role or designation stop you from upskilling. We can continue to learn and grow in different fields irrespective of our day job. And when the time is right, we make the move.

You are always more capable than you expect yourself to be. Let's challenge and take a pledge to never stop growing!